Rayna Green
Language: English
Condition: B
“Madonna of the Hills, Paula Gunn Allen (Laguna/Sioux/Lebanese): She kept finding arrowheads when she walked to Flower Mountain and shards of ancient pottery drawn with brown and black designs-cloud ladders, lightning stairs and rainbirds. One day she took a shovel when she walked that way and unburied fist-axes, manos, scrapers, stone knives and some human bones, which she kept in her collection on display in her garden. She said that it gave her a sense of peace to dig and remember the women who had cooked and scrubbed and yelled at thier husands just like her. She liked, she said, to go to the spot where she'd found those things and remember the women buried there. It was restful, she said, and she needed rest... from her husband's quiet alcohol and her son who walked around dead.”